• Risk Analysis

    Is your office as secure as you think it is? The law requires healthcare practioners to conduct a risk analysis. This includes small offices

  • Incident Response

    Response time is critical when a breach has occurred. Our Incidence Response Team understands the quick response time necessary to minimize the physical and more importantly the financial damage a breach can cause.


    HIPAA Compliance is mandatory. We help you obtain compliance cost effectively.


We help you insure that your systems are secure


Our affordable programs assist you with HIPAA Law


We help implement the best technology for your practice.

We specialize in security training for your team.

About Us

In today’s contemporary practice, technology is a must. As a small business owner you have a desire to maximize and protect your investment. We provide the services that were once only available to big corporations. At D K Carr and Associates, we understand security and we understand dentistry.

Security is our prime focus. Your information system is a major investment. HIPAA HITECH compliance is vital to protect your investment. It is also vital to protect your practice. We understand the HIPAA Law and how it can affect a private practice.

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HIPAA/HITECH is a federal mandate that all private practices must comply with. The fines for failure to comply may be very severe and devastating to a private practice. We offer affordable Compliance Programs to assist you in becoming compliant.


Under current HIPAA and HITECH Security is the focus. We help you insure that your information systems are secure.


When an incident happens, time is critical. The initial steps you take when a ransomware or cyber-attack happens can sometimes make a bad situation worse. We assist you to navigate the process from containment to restoration while meeting state and federal regulatory obligations.


Dr Jim B

We had attempted to go paperless on several occasions, but each time failed. Debi worked with my IT company first to become HIPAA Compliant and then with our team. She was able to accomplish in a few short months, what we had not been able to do for years.

Dr Carl R

I have worked with Debi for several years. I am confident that my practice and my data are secured because of the programs that she has suggested.

Laura B (Practice Manager)

Debi has been a life saver. She is very knowable and was able to help us overcome several obstacles. I highly recommend her.