Cybersecurity for Small Healthcare Providers

Protect Your Patients – Protect Your Practice

Hackers. Ransomware. Data breaches. Cyber attacks. Risk management.

Those words don’t mean much to your small practice. Your IT company has just updated your technology and installed firewalls. You took your HIPAA compliance training. Your patient records are safe...

But are they?

Cybersecurity is especially crucial for small dental and medical offices!

Small medical practices have information 100 times more valuable than credit card info!

Don’t Wait Until Cyber Disaster Strikes

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Data theft and ransomware attacks can happen to anyone, especially to a smaller business without a dedicated cyber-security team. And when a breach happens, it could cost you weeks of lost work, thousands of dollars—and even your practice!

DK Carr and Associates was created to empower small healthcare entities and private practices with the best in tech security and analysis. Your complete HIPAA compliance is our specialty.

Make Security Part of Your Practice Growth

Helping You Thrive Not Survive

Most small practices believe that they are safe. Under the radar of hackers. Think again. Statistics show that small health care practices are especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In fact, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services states that, “...hackers have targeted the healthcare industry seeking unauthorized access to valuable electronic protected health information (ePHI),” with a 45% increase from 2019 to 2020.” Source

Healthcare Providers are our Favorite Patients

Affordable HIPAA Security for All

We love community healthcare. We support growing practices. In fact, your small medical, dental, or alternative-healthcare practice is why we are in business. We don’t want anyone to fall into the clutches of hackers. We believe in patient privacy. We believe in you. And we make sure you can afford to stay safe as hackers rampage and HIPAA laws change.


Been Hacked?

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Are you prepare for a cyber attack?

We work with your IT to ensure you are safe from the growing digital threats. Need more verbage...

Our Services

HIPAA Hitech Compliance And Consulting Services

Along with the incredible convenience of electronic records, comes incredible responsibility and ever-evolving danger. And with HIPAA laws changing and expanding, you are under increased pressure to keep your patients’ protected health information (PHI) safe.

Staff and Team Cyber Training

One of the most important cybersecurity measures is training—and nearly ¼ of all healthcare workers have not received the proper training. ​​That’s right: one in four medical and dental office team members don’t know how to keep protected health information safe! Do yours?

Cyber-Incident Response

A security breach can feel very overwhelming. Over the next few hours and days, there will be a frenzy of activity and decisions to make. Don’t try to do it alone. DK and Associates has helped practices just like yours go from panic to peace in even the most unfortunate security situations.

And More

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Latest News

Lectures, Workshops, & Speaking Engagements

With over 20 years of leadership experience in the dental industry, Debi Carr has built a strong foundation in the areas of consulting and training — and now you and your team can benefit from her expertise with continuing education! Her areas of expertise include twenty-eight years of executing safety and security measures in the healthcare field's information systems and technology realms. Debi Carr is certified as a Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner, Certified Associate Health Information & Management Systems, and a HIPAA Certified Professional

Call for current Course Catalog

Security in Practice: Is Your Practice Secure?

Course Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Understanding of current and emerging cyber security risks
  • Walk through key components of HIPAA
  • Discover how the Cyber Security Framework brings compliance
  • Discuss how myths and misconceptions about compliance have negatively affected privacy and information security programs and put practices at risk

Security Brings Compliance: Creating a Safe Harbor Workshop

Course Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Review HIPAA and other regulatory updates for 2021 that practices should be aware of
  • Gain an understanding of new and emerging security risks
  • Overview of the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Step-by-step through establishing a Cyber Security Program and meeting compliance

Stop & Think: Creating a Culture of Security.

Course Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Overview of new and emerging cyber threats
  • Understand what information you may unknowingly be giving hackers
  • Explore how to detect a “phishing email”
  • Inspect the mapping of data on the internet

About Us

Healthcare Security is Our Passion

In 2013, Debi Carr saw a need. HIPAA laws were changing. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was introduced, placing a heavy and confusing burden on private medical and dental practices.

A dental practice manager with over 30 years of experience in technology and security, Debi realized that smaller dental clinics and healthcare practices were struggling to stay safe in the ever-changing terrain of cyberspace. Debi wanted to make a safe space for small practices. She wanted to make security affordable. So she launched DK Carr and Associates, LLC.

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